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My Sparrows - House Sparrow Bird

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  Our work on Sparrow Conservation
   Awareness and Support
Sparrow, one of the earliest birds you can remember from your childhood. The association between humans and the sparrow dates back to several centuries.

House sparrows are everywhere humans are. Despite being wild birds,  house sparrows occur almost everywhere where people live, and are almost  never found where people are absent.

For centuries, house sparrows have peacefully coexisted with us in our homes and gardens, but in the last two decades, their population is on the decline in almost every country.
The reasons attributed are: rapidly changing cities are no longer a suitable habitat for the house sparrow, as the new and modern designs of infrastructure does not give any room for the sparrow to nest; pollution caused by matchbox styled residential and commercial towers, cell phone towers and WiFi zones in our communities have huge impact on survival of sparrows, the house sparrows are losing its natural grasslands as the green spaces in our cities and towns are given way to more concrete constructions.

Let’s encourage people for conservation of sparrows.
Let’s bring back the Chirps that welcomed us every morning.

Sparrow Life
Plants & Trees
A True Non-Profit Organisation
Vision: Happy and Healthy Living for All.

The main objective of VChangeU is to act as a catalyst in invigorating and rekindling the spirit of service in all citizens, bringing about local initiative and encouraging community participation in improving quality of life.
Education is a basic human right and it is an instrument for social change and social development. It promotes equality and justice in the society.

Students4Change is aimed to teach and inculcate the spirit of social service in young children through right tools and exciting multiple sessions on pressing community needs and challenges.

Our research on “Longevity4All” will promote healthy ageing through simple lifestyles changes and acceptable approaches for longevity of life.

Healthy ageing can reduce the poverty by reducing the healthcare costs. Since many people spend last decade of their lives in pain and misery combating diseases and lose their lifetime savings in healthcare services in the hope of recovery and wellbeing.
We all know that the Earth is getting warmer with each passing day. But we appease ourselves with the argument that the environment is changing on its own. There is global change in the environment, but we human beings are largely responsible for this global environment warming. We must stop this before it boils us all down.

A global response that starts right from our homes. Common man can bring in a lot of change to the environment by doing simple things like switching off lights when not in use, switching to greener power, planting trees in surroundings, saving water and energy, rain water harvesting, using bio-degradable products instead of synthetic non biodegradable products, reducing or stopping usage of Air Conditioners at home.

Everyone must feel/think how she/he can contribute in making this world a better place for all living beings.

Our Other Initiative:

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      Sparrows are indicators of environmental health and changes in the urban ecosystem.

Help the sparrows to return by arranging food grains and water for  sparrows in your balcony, roof top and in parks.
An Intiative by VChangeU
Hyderabad, Telangana
Let’s bring back the Chirps that welcomed us every morning.
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